Project Summaries

Invasive Phragmites Treatment

Fall 2020 we teamed with the WI DNR and Applied Ecological Services on an ambitious project to spot treat invasive Phragmites in a Southern Wisconsin wildlife preserve. We mapped the entire 1400 acre affected area then picked out the a areas. 183 patches totaling 250 acres were identified and spot treated. Difficult terrain was no match for the drone as we delivered product only on problem areas with precision while leaving unaffected areas unharmed.

Spot Spraying=Time and Cost Savings

Bur Cucumber can reduce yeilds and bring harvesting to a halt. If left untreated, it will continue to spread. MGC Corporation in South Eastern Wisconsin reached out for us to blanket treat 160 acres of it in their corn and bean fields. After learning the spot spraying capibilities of the drone, we decided to take a different route. Aerial photos were taken by drone and we were able to pick out only the areas that needed treatment. Multiple patches ranging from .1-9.38 acres, totaling only 39 acres out of the initial 160 were identified and treated. The result? A 75% reduction in product used and area applied while still achieving the desired results! Turn key imaging and spot spraying services are now offered by T&T Endeavors!

RTK Precision in Test Plots

Summer 2020 we teamed with Syngenta applying fungicide to test plots. Our RTK technology ensured accuracy within 3 cm. The unmatched precision onboard our DJI Agras spraying drone allowed us to apply product to specific areas of standing corn. Efficient, reliable application in test plots is now readily availble!

Speciality Crop Solutions

Speciality crops is another area where drone application shines! A local pumpkin producer needed a solution to apply a mid season fungicide, but didn't want to run over the product. This was no issue for the drone as we were able to access and treat there whole area efficiently and with no damage. With superior access, manuervability, and accuracy, drone application in speciality crops pays off!

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